Sustainable living app welcomes new cities onto digital platform

Challenge & Context

Can individual actions and citizen choices really make a difference towards a sustainable future? The European Green Deal and Climate Pact speak clearly about the agenda and vision that the European Union passed on to governments and city administrations. The answer is yes.


greenApes was founded in 2012 with the mission to reinforce individual incentives for sustainable living via digital solutions. Now, the certified Benefit Corporation, greenApes has developed a powerful and flexible platform shaped by pilots, innovative actions and successful projects with cities, international organisations and research centers.

How it works

The greenApes app allows citizens to earn points for their real-life positive behaviours, to spend points to access rewards offered by local businesses, to have fun and learn (while earning extra points) for exchanging ideas and best practices with fellow citizens and for completing special challenges.

Figure 1 . Architecture

Benefits & Impact

The greenApes approach was first piloted in Florence (Italy) and Essen (Germany) in 2016–17. The context was provided by research projects and the results went far beyond expectations: 72% of participants stated that the use of the platform made them adopt new sustainable behaviors, while 65% reported they had discovered new sustainable local businesses and initiatives.

  • 2016
    Finalist at Italy’s Gamification Awards for Consumer Engagement,
  • 2017
    International Finalists at Katerva Awards in the Behaviour Change category,
  • 2018
    Philips Smart Cities Challenge in partnership with FLOUD.eu,
  • 2018/2019
    Best for the World Honouree, among global B Corps (categories: Governance, Change-makers).

Added Value through FIWARE

greenApes started introducing FIWARE technologies in 2016. Given the company’s founding mission of openness and positive impact, FIWARE proved to be the right environment in which to develop tools and solutions that can support smart cities and regions.

Next steps

greenApes is due to be launched in further 3 Italian cities: Parma, Siena and Prato in early 2021.


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Authors & Contributors

Gregory Eve
Co-founder and CEO
Contact @ business@greenapes.com


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