Smart Irrigation System implemented in Cartagena’s city

Challenge & Context

Urban development geared towards climate action is high on the agenda of Public Administrations. Developing policies aimed at creating sustainable and efficient cities are of ever increasing importance. To achieve this objective, various international organizations and administrations have launched plans, projects and initiatives encouraging cities to be more environmentally sustainable.

  • Affordable and Clean Energy;
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities;
  • Responsible consumption and Productions;
  • Climate Actions;
  • Life Below Water;
  • Life On Land.


The Smart Irrigation Management System implanted in parks and gardens of Cartagena enables an autonomous and real-time management of water resources allowing control of the irrigation schedule and adapted to both the water needs of the garden and the weather forecast.

Figure 1 . Smart Irrigation Management System
  • Soil moisture sensors where temperature, humidity and Electrical Conductivity (EC) is monitored in real time;
  • Irrigation management calendar according to soil typology, plants, etc.
  • Data source: Meteorological stations, water consumption, soil humidity and temperature sensors, typology of green area, data sources.
  • Visualization: Irrigation management calendar.

How it works

To carry out the intelligent management of irrigation, HOPU’s Smart Spot IoT (Internet of Things) device is used. This device designs and implements an intelligent and integrable system that allows the monitoring of water consumption, as well as the management of irrigation programs based on data reported by deployed sensors such as soil humidity, temperature sensors and/or meteorological stations.

Figure 2 . Smart Spot IoT Device
Figure 3 . User interface, irrigation recommendations

Benefits & Impact

The city of Cartagena has already implemented the Smart Irrigation Management System in two green areas of the city: Escuela de Seguridad Pública (ESPAC) and Jardín el Batel.

Figure 4 . Smart Irrigation Tool implementation areas

Added Value through FIWARE

Cartagena has deployed a Smart City platform based on FIWARE context Broker, promoting effective use of Open Source technological resources, which integrates datasets from utilities (energy/water consumption), social (transport/affluence) and health aspects (census/statistics). This enables a data-driven tool for systematic data collection, urban planning, and data analysis empowered by AI with the use of contextual information.

Next steps

After verifying the success of the Smart Irrigation Management System in green areas of Cartagena, where the management of water resources and losses detected in real time has been improved, the objective of HOPU is to implement this tool in local administrations, thus implementing the smart transformation of cities in those yet to begin the process, or expanding the services of those which already have Smart City verticals implemented.

Authors & Contributors

Pedro Yepes
Coordinator of the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy of the Cartagena City Council
Contact @


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