Safe and comfortable spaces for people and businesses

Challenge & Context

Society is increasingly committed both to protecting the environment and to the development of sustainable economic models. For a number of years, this desire has extended to the design, build, and use of public and private buildings and spaces. They must be efficient, safe, and comfortable for the people, businesses and public sector organisations that use them.


Atos originally developed its Urban Data Platform (UDP) as part of its Smart City initiative. Today, the UDP can be deployed for both smart buildings and spaces. UDP is an open, standard and interoperable IoT platform. It is powered by FIWARE, which allows the collection of numerous data coming from multiple sources. These include sensors, open portals, legacy systems, and web services.

Atos UDP — Data Flow
  • Optimizing maintenance service efficiency by monitoring device values;
  • Forecasts for material provisioning by analyzing consumption data;
  • Providing access and capacity control surveillance for specified areas;
  • Detecting incidents and anomalous behavior patterns through CCTV and camera analysis.

How it works

UDP is a flexible, modular and open IoT platform which allows the collection and integration of data from sensors and other sources. It normalizes and processes such data to provide the aggregated and informed views effective decision-making depends upon. UDP’s main functions are:

  • Full IoT device management integrated onto a unified platform;
  • Data normalization to the NGSI format, translating source formats and different protocols to the platform data models;
  • Real-time data analysis to support timely and informed decision-making;
  • Accurate prediction of future values, using historical data and machine learning;
  • Advanced data visualization using maps, graphics, alarms, etc.;
  • Triggering actions according to predefined rules and analyzed data;
  • Secure access control to devices, data and services, minimizing cyber-security threats.
Atos UDP — Data Sources and Core Functions
  • Front-end — Node.js.;
  • Access management security — KeyCloak;
  • API management security — Kong;
  • Storage — MongoBD, PostgresQL and ElasticSearch;
  • Real-time data feeds — FIWARE Context Broker and Cygnus;
  • IoT data collection and NGSI translation — various IoT Agents and Data
  • Acquisition module using Apache NIFI.
Atos UDP — Architecture

Benefits & Impact

There are five strong commercial arguments for users of Atos’s UDP platform, which is based on FIWARE:

  1. Proposition is underpinned by strong baseline technology: solutions are robust and reliable;
  2. Solution is easy to integrate with external systems such as ERP or issue management systems thanks to its APIs. It can be deployed either via cloud or on-premise software;
  3. UDP is easily customizable to cater for individual client preferences and requirements;
  4. As an open source solution, license costs are very limited: clients gain strong cost-benefit advantages and agility, while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Added Value through FIWARE

Atos is a Platinum Member of FIWARE Foundation and holds a seat in FIWARE’s Board of Directors. Moreover, Atos has a representative in FIWARE’s Technical Steering Committee and is also an active member of the FIWARE Open Source community.

Next Steps

Atos will be providing a continually growing catalogue of connectors, minimizing the time needed to integrate new devices. By increasing the number of pilots and projects, a wide-range of protocols and data formats will be incorporated, making plug-and-play the norm, and reducing both time-to-market and cost.


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