Reshaping the future of Marinas with Smart Technologies

Challenge & Context

Today more than 85% of the marinas and tourist ports around the globe are characterized by a low level of technology and a poor or limited range/quality of digital services to their customers. According to the ICOMIA statistics book, 6 million boats (length > 8m.) are kept in European waters (more than 25 million boats globally), while 4.500 marinas manage 1.75 million berths both inland and in coastal areas in Europe (more than 25.000 marinas, 440.000 open mooring areas and more than 10 million berths globally).

  • lack of real-time monitoring and communication mechanisms;
  • offline and unsecure transactions;
  • absence guidance and notification tools ;
  • overbooked or inappropriate mooring;
  • lack of business intelligence and data-driven decision making;
  • pollution and environmental impact;
  • remote operations.


SaMMY, a successful company based in Greece, has been designing systems to fulfil yachting and marina needs and combining different technologies, devices, algorithms and communication protocols towards this scope.

  • H2020 SMARTEES-Fetching: Novel lighting, OLED screens and flexible photovoltaics are used for the digital signage of the marinas and tourist ports, for changing the picture of the docking spots during the day or night and for delivering fully-automated floating moorings;
  • EASME EMFF- Blue Roses: Robotics and remote-controlled vehicles are used for sea-bed mapping, detection of anchoring problems and hull incidents or littering alerts;
  • H2020 — VICINITY: Data Sharing with 3rd party cross domain applications or other members of the Vicinity ecosystem;
  • H2020 — SymbIoTe: L1 compliance with the SymbIoTe IoT collaborative platform. Interoperability and data sharing of IoT data with SymbIOTe ecosystem.
  • Libelium, a leading IoT company, selected SaMMY and its IoT extensions as a Case Study for Smart Marinas;
  • Startup Grind (supported by Google) selected SaMMY as one of the 70 companies (out of 1600 applicants) at Startup Grind Europe 2017, London (UK);
  • Union for Mediterranean Intergovernmental Institution hosted SaMMY at its annual Blue Economy Conference 2017 to present the ‘Next Generation Marinas concept’
  • Accenture nominated SAMMY as one of the Global Innovators at Blue Tulips Awards competition 2018;
  • ICOMIA (World Marinas Association) invited SaMMY to analyze the topic “Intelligent Systems for the Next Generation Marinas” at the World Marinas Conference 2018;
  • European Commission Selected SAMMY as one of the TOP 20 EU innovators in the Annual Blue Invest 2020 event.

How it works

SaMMY combines different technologies and tools into one integrated system, especially designed for the adverse conditions of the maritime environment and addressing the efficiency of marinas and yachters.

  • Notifications of extreme weather events or maritime incidents;
  • Full guidance to the nearby marina areas and points of interest.

Connecting Marina Management System (MMS) to SaMMY App.

The marina administrators can easily use SaMMY for the daily management of bookings, for handling weather alerts and for providing guidance and personalized notifications to the yachters through an interactive map-based interface. SaMMY also provides information about marina regulations and the pricing and cancelling policies. In turn, it connects the yachters with the local economies. The MMS infrastructure is hosted on the “Cloud” and there is no extra need for investments in hardware or software for the marinas.

SaMMY’s advanced technologies transform a regular Marina into a ‘Smart’ one.

A multi-purpose sensor grid consisting of waterproof wireless sensors is enrolled in order to feed a central system and provide booking, meteorological and environmental information. These services are facilitated through the installation of different types of sensors (ultrasound, meteorological, water quality, wave measurement etc.) which collect data and monitor the conditions within the marina in real-time.

Benefits & Impact

  • Number of Users: 6,200+;
  • Number of Marinas & Tourist Ports: 36 in Greece and Cyprus;
  • R&D Investments: € 750k+;
  • Expected Users and Businesses (next 3 years): 100,000+ users, 300+ Marinas and Tourist Ports in Mediterranean and Middle East.
  • Be informed about the availability of berth spaces in real-time;
  • Follow a simpler and quicker booking process;
  • Be connected at all times.

Added Value through FIWARE

The use of FIWARE technologies has a multidimensional impact on SaMMY, since FIWARE is not only providing a technological framework, but also a community of corporates, startups and experts that work together delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to the global markets. The open architecture and the technical components of FIWARE, offer a stable development framework, ensuring the high quality and sustainability of SaMMY’s digital services.

Next Steps

SaMMY is one of the leading innovators shaping the future of the marinas and tourist ports by exploiting the state of the art of technologies and by delivering smart systems and services. Since the yachting industry is a highly competitive and demanding sector, the digital transformation is a key element for each marina or tourist port in order to be able to create sustainable profits and provide modern services, and this is exactly the area where SaMMY can offer substantial offerings, support and partnerships.


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