OpenMove: The digital revolution from transportation to sustainable mobility

Challenge & Context

The digital transformation of the outdated transportation sector is crucial for an improved mobility model, able to add real value to people’s lives. How can we digitize transit fare collection and passenger information? The mission of OpenMove is based on two concepts: to move and travel freely and to do this in a sustainable and efficient way.


The OpenMove journey started in 2015, when a simple app was developed for ticketing and infomobility. OpenMove offered Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), a concept hardly present at that time, with the aim of providing users with the best travelling experience.

Figure 1 . App and Dashboard
  • The application OpenMove ACT for field personnel is the ideal tool for inspectors and collectors. OpenMove ACT allows to issue tickets thanks to a thermal printer, collect cash or credit card payments and inspect digital and paper tickets or smartcards.
  • OpenMove ATLAS is the control center of the OpenMove Suite that allows complete management over the mobility scheme. The web dashboard OpenMove ATLAS allows the implementation of mobility policies, managing fares, lines, routes and timetables, and collecting ridership and sales data to optimize mobility.
  • The engine OpenMove NUCLEUS is the heart of OpenMove Suite and orchestrates all operations and data between the different modules, ensuring maximum reliability and security. OpenMove NUCLEUS is designed to integrate with already existing information systems and act as a collector of services and mobility data.
  • OpenMove HORA is a Copernican revolution in the world of transportation: on board, the validators will find versatile and robust new software distributed through a private and centralised system ensuring self-updating capabilities.

How it works

Delivering public transport information and tickets demands the highest levels of enterprise reliability. Therefore, particular attention has been put on the technical architecture to meet the highest standards of Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Figure 2 . Logical Architecture

Benefits & Impact

OpenMove solutions have been adopted in 11 countries worldwide, including Europe, the USA and Middle East, and now manage 10M trips per year, processing €50M of transport tickets per year.

Added Value through FIWARE

OpenMove has been part of the FIWARE ecosystem since 2015, having benefited from the accelerators Finodex, CreatiFi and frontierCities2 to design and develop the first three products of OpenMove Suite. OpenMove was able to take advantage of not only technology and funding, but thanks to FIWARE, the company was able to participate in the most important trade events in Europe regarding smart mobility: Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Intertraffic in Amsterdam and ITS European Congress in Eindhoven. These trade events have proven to be fundamental in building a transnational network and to keep pace with innovation and market trends.


  • Blog: for valuable information on Smart Mobility and in particular Mobility-as-a-Service.

Authors & Contributors

Lorenzo Modena
CEO at Open Move
Contact @ lorenzo.modena@openmove.comt


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