Innovative eHealth device for air quality using FIWARE

Challenge & Context

During the Covid-19 pandemic, but also in pandemic-free periods, it is vital to pay attention to proper ventilation in order not to exceed prescribed CO2 levels, and equally reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. This seems particularly important and at the same time challenging in sensitive areas such as schools and daycare centers. Just to get started with: What does correct ventilation in line with requirements actually mean?


Sensors, as hardware components, are necessary for any air measurements which provide data and values from air composition, such as CO2, humidity or temperature. These hardware components work on the basis of a link with an encrypted, separate LoRaWAN radio network or the open, digital platform of WOBCOM.

Figure 1 . sensors, dashboard and LED cube - complete equipment for fully automated air measurement.

How it works

The solution is based on the WOBCOM Smart City ecosystem (ODP, a scalable and modular Open Data Platform that is open source-based. The FIWARE Context Broker plays a central role in this ecosystem. Connecting the IoT world with its sensors to data platforms and dashboards is not new and has already been successfully tested several times. Quite challenging, however, is the communication on the “way back”, so the control of the actuators and in this case the LED cubes. They need to transform data into valuable and actionable information and create signals based on real-time and relevant measured values. Here, a special proprietary open source component was developed that takes over this control from the platform via the LoRaWAN network. This control component has potential for further application scenarios, which WOBCOM is particularly proud of, because scaling successfully and creating additional synergies to further use cases always stand in the foreground.

Figure 2 . Dashboard and Maps

Benefits & Impact

The city of Wolfsburg is on its way to becoming an even smarter city. WOBCOM is making a significant contribution to this path, among other projects, by setting up its own fiber optic network and by initiating and implementing the solution making use of the LoRaWan technical radio solution. Anatoli Seliwanow, Head of Operations at WOBCOM GmbH, states, “With projects under the name, such as the installations in the daycare centers, we contribute to a digital and innovative ecosystem in Wolfsburg. This open source project, with the LoRaWAN system used, also pays into future smart city solutions, well-being and quality of life, for the city’s citizens.”

Added Value through FIWARE

The Municipality recognizes the importance of innovation to the technology industry and the global economy as a whole. The changing landscape of disruptive technologies, provides perspectives on technology innovation trends, top barriers to commercialize innovation, and insight into technology innovation leading practices.

Figure 3 . Architecture Open Digital Platform with FIWARE IoT Agent

Next steps

In the future, WOBCOM and Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG, will address additional companies as target customers with the solution and introduce them to the possibilities for process optimization using sensor technology combined withLoRaWan technology. The special feature here is that the service, in combination with mobile gateways, is technically not limited to be used in the city of Wolfsburg and the surrounding area only, where WOBCOM usually acts as a local telecommunications and connectivity service provider (private customer area).


Authors & Contributors

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Chief Information Officer
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