FIWARE integrated IoT platform managing product life cycle

Challenge & Context

Internet of Things (IoT) is a fusion of technologies, starting with sensors embedded into devices which transmit data through various networks. When data is transferred to cloud platforms, middleware technologies are needed in order to effectively extract and utilize said data.

  • Vast numbers of smart devices such as sensors, wearables, autonomous machines, connected vehicles, etc. are generating an ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data that must be processed and analysed quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively;
  • Technology needs to adapt and include multiple connectivity standards such as NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) LTE-M (Long Term Evolution for Machines), LoRa (Long Range) and 5G (Fifth Generation);
  • Enhancing the traditional methods and avoiding remediation deploying the sensors (approximately 20% of the sensors are not deployed optimally the first time);An IoT platform must provide a set of centralized, efficient, and scalable tools for orchestrating the edge and cloud-based requirements of connected assets.


N-Smart provides a modular, flexible, and scalable platform providing a single pane view for an end-to-end IoT solution. Using a combination of cloud platforms and mobile apps, N-Smart enables enterprises to deploy and connect sensors, compute data and build custom applications, and monitor and manage a global IoT solution in a highly scalable environment.

  • Dynamically monitor, track, and manage both mobile and fixed assets;
  • Combine real-time data to proactively address challenges, reduce risks, lower costs, and increase operational efficiency.
  • Continuously monitor devices, network parameters and failure indicators;
  • Automated firmware updates over the air.
  • Open APIs to integrate with third-party platforms;
  • High availability for mission critical applications.
  • Transform raw sensor data into actionable insights in a single pane of glass;
  • Unified environment to improve operations and management efficiencies.

How it works

N-Smart’s motivation is to allow users to meet the needs of IoT demands and achieve outcomes including safety, sustainability, productivity, livability, and mobility. To achieve this, there were a series of critical issues which had to be overcome during the development phase:

  1. optimizing the use of resources for various use cases such as smart cities, waste management, lighting, and intelligent water systems, all with the aim of improving efficiencies and reducing costs.
Figure 1 . N-Smart Connectivity
Figure 2 . N-Smart Waste Management Services
  • Single pane of glass portal to support the functional requirements;
  • Infrastructure is capable of shifting loads according to defined use cases. The N-Smart platform is capable of adapting various applications/use cases using a seamless transfer;
  • Novelty of the technology promotes adoption, but to encourage regular use, the platform needs to be informative and useful;
Figure 3 . N-Smart IoT Platform overview

Benefits & Impact

Top four impacts and benefits:

  • Promising optimization results have been found and will be explored further.
  • Nivid currently has 500+ users utilizing the N-Smart platform. To date, NIVID has 50 clients, primarily in financial services, telecom, retail, healthcare and industry. As they grow within the market, they expect more than 20,000 users for 2021 as a projection which translates to ca. 100 clients.
  • Nivid estimates savings money per client would be between 20%-30% with the target groups being large global carriers from the healthcare, industrial and enterprise markets.

Added Value through FIWARE

Nivid has created this significant success after only having been using FIWARE for approximately 6 months and while achieving GOLD partner status.


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